Typical Moving Services Offered by Most Nationwide Moving Companies

For most Americans, moving is an experience that stirs up unparalleled feelings of anxiety, discomfort, and stress. For many, hiring a professional mover during such a tumultuous time is a no-brainer. Others might have reservations about affordability and reliability. True, the costs can add up, and placing your belongings in the care of a company can be nerve-wracking. However, by stepping aside and letting professionals do all the heavy lifting, you might be pleasantly surprised at how easy the moving experience can be. After all, licensed movers are insured, have the right equipment and training, and can reduce your workload. And you may be surprised at the scope of work many moving companies offer. Here are some of the typical moving services most large movers provide:

Local & Long Distance Moving

Many local moving companies are also licensed to perform interstate moving services. For instance, while these NYC movers provide hourly local moving services in Manhattan and other boroughs of New York City, they also service long distance moves that originate or conclude in New York. Whereas local moves are typically offered at an hourly or flat rate, interstate moves are priced according to the weight of the shipment. Moving companies send out an in-home estimator to take an inventory of your items, then give you a quote based on the estimated weight.

Military members and their families know a thing or two about relocation.

Military members and their families know a thing or two about relocation.

Military Movers

Our nation’s military personnel and families move more than just about anyone. Military relocations are a special breed of move that often requires a lot more planning and logistics. Often, the military will contract with local moving companies to help service members move. Other times, military families may choose to perform a DITY or PPM (personally procured move). With a PPM move, military personnel may either rent a truck or hire their own moving company. The government then reimburses their expenses up to a certain amount depending on the member’s rank and the number of dependents.

Piano Moving

This type of move gets its own category because pianos are so delicate and expensive, requiring a skilled touch to properly move. Moving companies that specialize in piano moving have special training in how to properly pack and transport these incredibly large instruments. Whether you’re moving an upright or a baby grand, make sure the company you contract has special experience with moving pianos.

Commercial Moves

Moving a business means orchestrating a lot of moving parts. And getting things re-settled quickly is important to ensure the move doesn’t hurt the bottom line. Many movers offer special business moving services that help companies get moved quickly over the weekend to ensure business resumes on Monday.

With a commercial relocation, getting your business back to business as quickly as possible is important!

With a commercial relocation, getting your business back to business as quickly as possible is important!

Packing and Unpacking

Full service moves generally come with packing and unpacking included. This set-up is ideal for someone who is really pressed for time. Movers will come to your house with moving supplies, get everything wrapped and boxed, and disassemble any furniture. After unloading the truck, they will also help get everything unpacked and organized.

Hiring a moving company is a smart decision. If you’re concerned about cost, call around to get quotes. Keep in mind that adding services like packing and unpacking or a piano move will cost more. If moving locally, you may be able to request a flat rate or just pay for movers for a couple hours to reduce the overall cost. Also, try to schedule your move during slow times like the winter or on a weekday. Even if it does mean spending a bit more money, you’ll probably be glad that you asked for professional assistance.

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