Needed Advice About Moving to Austin, TX

Austin is a hot bed of entertainment, fun, and culture, and that’s not just because the temperature can really get up there! Named for one of the founders of the state of Texas, Sam Austin, there’s a ton to do, see, and experience in this city. While Austin has its fair share of fans, it also has a few naysayers as well. So, what’s the worst advice we’ve ever heard about moving to this fine area? You’re about to find out.

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Moving To Austin, TX

You Shouldn’t Go Because It’s Hot

Well, sure, Texas is hot. It is in the Southern part of the country, after all, and it’s not known for its snow showers. Sure, it can get very hot in Austin. Super hot. But while this lasts for a good portion of the year(March to November, approximately), there are also tons of fun things to do in order to cool down and tons of places to go where there’s air conditioning indoors and late night events that are just right once the sun goes down. So yes, it’s hot, but that’s Austin.

It’s Too Much of a Red State

While Texas IS very conservative, Austin is very much its opposite. One could argue that it’s a blue dot that is swimming in a sea of red. So if you’re worried about culture shock when coming from a more liberal (or not as conservative) place, don’t worry: Austin isn’t going to overwhelm you.

There’s Only Barbecue, Tex-Mex, and Margaritas Down There

Not true! There is way more food here than just Tex-Mex, barbecue, and margaritas(which are technically a drink). Austin has a great restaurant scene with tons of food spots that will amaze you not only with their diversity, but their creativity and tastiness.

Move During The Summer

NO!!! You should never move to Austin during peak summer months if you can avoid it. Instead, you should try to move at some time like November. November is going to work out better for you than the summer months. Moving in the summer can be more complicated cause moving companies are overbooked. If you’re desperate look into this company that was voted the best Austin movers by the Austin Chronicle in 2006. If you’re making a longer nationwide move, you might not get the choice to be as specific about the time of year.

“You Won’t Need A Car”

That is not true. You will need a car in Austin. The public transportation is notorious for being mediocre, but there are going to be days where bicycling where you want to go is not going to be a very attractive or even smart option. You can use a rental car that the city offers, but mostly, you’re going to want your own.

There’s Not A Lot To Do

There is a lot to do! There’s music, the comedy scene, festivals, the food, the events, the Formula racing, and a strong film and theater culture. There’s also sports, with the University of Texas at Austin providing tons of Longhorn teams to support!

Reasons to Move To Austin

– Live music capital of the world, enough said.- There are different areas to live in that offer different perks and benefits: higher cost of living than rest of Texas, but up to 7% or more lower than the rest of the U.S.- Great schools- City is easy to walk – The margaritas.- Movies are even better in Austin- Tons of culture and events, all of the time!- Austin is growing- With gyms, parks, trails, sports, studios and more, Austin is a healthy city!- It’s dog-friendly- It’s got great food trucks/trailers- It’s got South by Southwest

Austin, at the end of the day, stays weird. It’s a big city with a small-town feel and tons to do. With great food, people, and culture, Austin is a very special place that is ready for you to meet it. Ignore all the bad advice, keep the good, and best of all, get there and decide for yourself. Be sure to find a local moving company you trust to move your belongings!

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